Saturday, February 9, 2013

特注オーダーメイド、メダル!Just Finished!

Oh! Yes! Just finished! A pair of medals for man& woman sports festival champions! With arc-en-ciel Color jewels! Sports meeting jewelry, jewelry meeting sports! Too fun jewelry making!

Oh! Yes! Jewels! Arc-en- ciel! Bicycle race champion color! Too fun bicycling!

It is a medal but! Also a key chain ornament! Too fun everyday with winning medal!

Oh! Yes! A mallet & ribbon motif jewelry medal for a sports festival! Just finished engraving title & dates! Girl's Bike polo festival Vol.3! Too fun winning! 

It is a medal but! Also a necklace! Too fun everyday with winning medal! Thanks! 


Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry

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