Friday, May 25, 2012

指輪内側にはお二人のお名前と大好きなモチーフ月を刻印!Just finished! engraving 2 lovers names!

Unique engraving! Names & moon! Anything is possible to engrave! Thanks for ordering & thank you for waiting for a long time!

Just finished!

18K white gold & unspecified stainless steel like metal about a hundred years ago! A pair of wedding rings of Art-deco style ring from early 1900s real art-deco time ring!! I never had an order like this linking a century old ring to present time! Too fantastic!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Just finished!

Gold necklace with a diamond! Nice gift for all ages! Thanks for ordering!

Friday, May 18, 2012

We are featured in fashion site!

Rui & Aguri fine Jewelry, 1 of our great rings were featured in a fashion street snap in Tokyo! The one with a red jewels! Too exciting to see in city like this!


We are featured in fashion website!

One more! Our work! Necklace! By Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry were featured in a fashion site! Bit old but! Just founded! Nice to see like this today!

 もう1個ありました!少し前の作品だけど!Webにも登場してたの今知りました!見逃し過ぎなRui & Aguriで困ります。嬉しいですね!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

特注オーダーメイド、自転車ヘッドバッジ、エンブレム!Just finished! Custom made bicycle head badge emblem!

A bicycle head badge for a bicycle brand "TETZ-ONE". Thanks for ordering!

Just finished!

Rocket with a child photo & message engraving for a mother's day gift! Fantastic!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just finished!

The second plate! Tea party with the fun guys of wonderland! & third plate! The cat & Alice & flamingo, the king & queen & the rabbit!

Fun world of photo frames! Thanks for ordering!

Just finished!

Finished making a Alice in wonderland! For a couple who love Alice! With their wedding photos, we wish a happy wedding! Thanks for ordering!

The first plate! Griffin & turtle, Alice & rabbit! Fun world of photo frame!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

We are featured in fashion snap!

Wow! Our jewelry is featured in a fashion snap in Tokyo! Thanks! Recently, "Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry" is enjoyed daily with "ISSEY MIYAKE" & "Yohji YAMAMOTO". Too fun!

最近の街の"Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry"は"ISSEY MIYAKE" と"Yohji YAMAMOTO"と肩を並べている様です。僕らの名前を言って貰えるなんて!嬉しいね!