Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Platinum & White gold 18K diamonds wedding bands set! プラチナ、ホワイトゴールド、ダイヤモンドご婚約指輪、結婚指輪セット!

Yes! Just finished! Fantastic Cross band style White gold diamond wedding band for bride! yes! Together with engagement ring set rings stackable! Simple yet with the special width round band for groom! Every bands With precious words engraving! All way from Philippine islands! It is my honor making such a precious rings! Thank you for ordering! 


わざわざ遠くフィリピン!アイランドよりのお客様!本当に光栄ですありがとうございました! どうぞいつまでもお幸せに!感謝です
Thank you again for ordering! Happy Wedding!

Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry

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